Sandford Needs You!

Sandford Needs You!

How can I get involved? You can get involved in any of the project activities: Oral history: people’s memories are an important source, often the only source, of historical information, and the project will record people talking about the area in the past. You can get involved by recording people with audio or video equipment, or by being recorded yourself, or both! Historical research: the history of the area is not well documented, and there is almost unlimited potential for finding out more, in public and in private archives.

Sandford Needs You!

Sandford Heritage: Cordite Clay & Calluna

“Sandford Heritage: Cordite Clay & Calluna” was a community heritage project which gave the people of Sandford, near Wareham in Dorset, the opportunity to discover and celebrate the history and wildlife of the heathlands, and the history of the village. It was funded by a grant of £42,000 from the “Your Heritage” programme of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The grant was applied for by the Urban Heaths Partnership who hosted the project and was used for consultancy in oral history (recording people’s memories), archaeology, events, equipment, a publication booklet and DVD, and a part time project officer. The project ran from January 2011 to December 2012 and it is hoped that some aspects of the project will continue through 'Sandford Heritage Community Group.'. The project covered the whole of Wareham St Martin Parish

Future Action Plan

Sandford community hall, Keysworth Road, 7pm Mon 20th February 2017 come hear ideas and contribute to the future action plan of Sandford Heritage Community Group!' Do you have a eco or wildlife project idea? Always wanted to research history? Looking to contribute to a local initiative with admin or other tasks?' All welcome, refreshments, FREE


Please …

I expect many of you will have seen the dreadful pictures of the fire on neighbouring Upton Heath earlier in June 2011. In Wareham St. Martin we have several heathland areas of national importance and desperately want to avoid similar events here.

Upton Heath Fire June 2011