Autumn Wildlife Roundup...More Reports are needed!

I am beginning to prepare an Autumn wildlife roundup. Please get any more reports to by the end of September. Slowly reports are trickling in...we have also managed some spotting on the walk to school already! Please send in any of the 'Sandford 5: Hedgehog, Sand Lizard, Common Frog, Common Toad, Glow Worm. The best time for glow worms has peaked but they can be seen in September .

Holton Bridge

King’s Bridge, where the A351 crosses the Sherford River adjacent to the Baker’s Arms roundabout, is well known.  There were at least two other crossing points further downstream that are less well known.  The lower one is largely conjectural, but that nearer King’s Bridge lay on a footpath connecting East Holton Farm to Lytchett Minster.  This path was probably of some importance to those living in and around Holton, but little now remains of it and of the bridge by which it crossed the river.

Photo of post-war bridge

Big Butterfly Count - join in!

The Big Butterfly Count is happening now until 11 August. organised by Butterfly Conservation Society who have their base in Dorset.

The boys and I have already done it twice and you don't need to know all your 59 British butterflies. The survey is of 21 butterflies and moths. Part or 'not sure' comments box records are fine. Taking 15 minutes in our trip to Sandford Community Field and Upton Country Park walled garden flower boarders gave us great pleasure to look out for these captivating insects.

Gatekeeper Butterfly on Pavement in Sandford

Parish Nature Notes for May 2013 - John Wright

May 1st was warm and sunny and cuckoo-flower (also known as lady's smock or milkmaids) was visible as splashes of pale pink in damp grassland south of the Sherford River. However, this year it was flowering around two weeks later than is usual. The name cuckoo-flower came about because in a normal season the first flowering tends to coincide with the arrival of the cuckoo in mid-April.

Heath Dog Violets & Heath Milkwort

Sandford Beavers and Brownies out with UHP Team on Great Ovens Heath

The Sandford Beavers and then the Sandford Brownies groups were out with the Urban Heaths Partnership Team on Great Ovens in late May 2013. Claire Platten UHP 'West' Area Ranger, whose responsibility includes Sandford Heaths and Great Ovens, took Beavers and Brownies on Exploratory Walks. One of the groups out with Claire were lucky to spot Dartford Warblers and the Brownies had a good haul Pond Dipping.

Brownies Pond Dipping on Great Ovens

Parish Nature Notes for April 2013 - John Wright

At last, spring seems to be making progress, but not before the first ten days of the month retained a wintry feel with cold easterly winds and winter thrushes (redwing and fieldfare) still searching for food in local fields. Fortunately, favourable winds from the south brought in many spring migrant birds around the middle of the month, but in late April, the weather turned cold again with northerly winds discouraging migration. Likewise, flowering plants and insects are still appearing later than is usual.

Cuckoo - photo by Aidan Brown

Parish Nature Notes for March 2013 - John Wright

As I write, it appears that spring has been put on hold and meteorologists tell us that this March has been the coldest for 50 years. Of course, here in Dorset we have escaped the genuinely severe conditions, but nevetheless there is ample evidence around us that plants are slow to develop, there are few insects on the wing, resident birds are slow to nest and few spring migrant birds have arrived.

Male Grey Willow (Pussy willow)

Your Wildlife Sightings - January to March 2013

The focus in this late winter wildlife sightings round up goes beyond the 'Sandford Goes Wild' 5 species. The range of sightings is growing and sightings of some bigger mammals feature this time.

Badgers (Meles meles)

At Sandford House a trip camera set up by local residents captured 2 Sandford Badgers feeding at night. The quick thinking Sandfordian put out food the night before and realised it was eaten so adeptly set up the trip camera to capture this brilliant image - 'BBC Springwatch' watch out!'

Badger Feeding from a bowl at night