Revealed: the history of Sandford Pottery

Sandford Pottery, with its 180-foot tall chimney, dominated the village of Sandford near Wareham for more than  a century before it was demolished in 1979. In fact, when the factory was built in 1860, there was no Sandford: the village grew up around it. The pottery was a big employer in the Wareham area until it closed in 1966. Forest Edge housing development now occupies the site. Shaw Drive is named after the the Shaw family, the last owners of the pottery.
Now, for the first time, the story of the pottery can be told. Patrick Andrews, a member of the Sandford Heritage Community Group, has pieced together a remarkable story of Victorian speculation and failure. Investors poured money into an ambitious project, but in less than a year the company behind it went bust. Successive owners tried to make a go of it, with varying degrees of success.
The Group is hosting a talk by Patrick, “Sandford Pottery: on the fringes of Victorian enterprise” on 22nd January, 7.30pm in Sandford Community Hall, Keysworth Drive, Sandford. Entrance is free and refreshments will be available.