The Rodgetts and Filleuls of Sandford House 1863-1947

The Rodgetts and Filleuls have long been forgotten apart from a few local roads named after them, but they were key figures in the history of Sandford.  Miles and Mary Rodgett could be called the founders of the present village. When they bought the Sandford Estate  in 1863, only the pottery, the Terrace and about five other houses existed. As well as building Sandford House for themselves, they built the school/church/community hall, (now called the Sandford Heritage Hall), Home Farm, and provided houses for some of the estate workers. They and their niece, Mary Jane Filleul, were extremely generous with both their time and money, helping not only Sandford residents but also Wareham and Lady St. Mary’s Church.

Sheila Watters will give a presentation on these families on 25 June, 7.30, Sandford Labour Club.