Random Ramblings 3.

I walked out of my front door the other day and something in the eaves caught my eye. Closer inspection (when it had stopped raining) revealed this beautiful wasp nest. Wasps are not popular creatures with many folk, but in reality they are usually far too busy during spring and summer helping gardeners by feeding caterpillars and other grubs to their young to seriously trouble people or sting them. It is only in the autumn, when the young have hatched out and they have nothing else to do that they develop a sweet tooth for fruit and jam, and become a nuisance around the house. 

Wasp Nest 1

All the wasps will die in winter, apart from the fertilised queen who will hibernate and start a new nest and brood next year. I am certainly not an expert on wasps, but I think this may be a Norwegian wasp, which despite its name is common and widespread in Europe and the USA. I shall certainly leave this nest alone and try and get some better pictures and identifications during the summer. Of course we may discover from this exercise that we already have a wasp expert living in the parish who can help me with my identifications.

Wasp Nest 2