Wildlife records now available

During the course of the year John Wright and Peter Orchard have been recording the wildlife (both animals and plants) that they have seen on various sites around Sandford. The results of their efforts can be now be seen on the Nature of Dorset website, a website that enables the input, display and analysis of wildlife records across the whole county. You can access the details using the Nature Records menu link to the left of the Nature Content page (or click on Nature of Dorset). You will find a species list with nearly six hundred species on it! By using the various options available you will be able to see what has been seen, where and when - a comprehensive guide to the nature of the Sandford area.

Obviously two people cannot make a complete list of all the wildlife in the parish but it is a pretty good start. If you can help us by adding records of what you see then please contact us and we will show you how to enter data so that you can add to the general knowledge of wildlife in Sandford.