Is this the earliest mention of Sandford?

The document below (dated 1597) sets out the place names that define the boundary of  the Holton Estate. This is the first document (so far) that names Sandford. At this time the area we call Sandford lay in the centre of the Holton Estate.  The handwriting is quite hard to read but I think the key paragraph says -

'The Bounds of Holton
…………………………… of Holton Heath from Holton at the Closes goote toward Kingbridge and from Kingbridge at the Closes goote to Organ Fourd to the hollow way called Ovins, and from thence to Suddon hill, and from thence to Sanford bridge, and from thence eastwards at the way house from Wareham to South Lytchett to a place called Hoopirs Crosse, and from thence to Spittle corner and from thence eastwards to the Sea side to a place called the Goodman.
Nicholas Wilshire steward there.'
Some of the other names mentioned are no longer known, unless you know otherwise.
Keysworth Manor Court Minutes of 1597
Keysworth Manor Court Minutes of 1597
(Provided courtesy of Dorset History Centre)